Pollyanna's Attic


Pollyanna’s Attic earned multiple Covenant and Shai Awards, as well as a Juno nomination.

Here’s what people are saying:

“It feels good to tell the truth, even when it is hard, and it feels good to hear it too, especially when it is couched in great songs by an amazing songwriter like Carolyn. In her own words, she says this album is ‘darker’, but I hear hope more than anything, and the light that comes with telling the truth.”
– Sara Groves, recording artist

“I just finished listening to Pollyanna’s Attic for the first time. I’m sitting here with the little flutter in my stomach that you get when you witness something beautiful. It’s inspiring to see that over the last decade that I’ve been a fan of Carolyn’s music, her gift has not grown stale — it has flourished. Carolyn is one of those uncommon artists who manage to keep writing songs that actually have something to say. And that’s saying something.”
– Andrew Peterson, recording artist

“I’ve been a fan of Carolyn’s work for a long time, but recently I heard Pollyana’s Attic and I discovered a whole new level of depth and complexity to her work. ‘Something to Give’ continues in the great tradition of Carolyn’s best work. But several songs go to new levels, from sharp social commentary in ‘Everybody Wants Everything’ to some of the best satire I’ve heard in a long time in ‘Free.’”
– Brian McLaren, author/activist

“What a freakin’ great album! Who but Carolyn could write penetratingly from the shadows and loss of our society’s tragic and wayward individualism, and yet leave the listener with a good hope? Carolyn is a master of her craft, she keeps getting better and we are the better for it.”
– Steve Bell, recording artist

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